Our Consciousness Creates Our Reality
What Reality Are You Creating?


Know Thy Source



Consciousness & Energy

always in communication creating realities

Are you conscious when communicating with your mind, body and soul?

Are you consciously creating a life you want to experience?

Are you a conscious creator of your reality?

“There is no greater and there is no lesser. There is only Balance!”

Meet Mojie...

Hi, I am Mojie

I’m a Meta-physician, a spiritual psychologist. I work with conscious individuals that desire for their realization.

When one finds themselves exhausted and depleted from exploring the various spiritual beliefs & practices, unable to break out of their old patterns and feel stuck, that is where I come in.

The answers have always been simple, as it should be. However, majority of individuals are unable to accept the simplicity of the process and they believe it has to be complicate. So, it will be!

The call sessions are not for the faint heart. One must be ready to go beyond their limited perceptions and beliefs to allow themselves to remember who they truly are. 

Upon remembering innate gnost sets in that allows for the realization. It is truly beautiful!

“There is no beginning and there is no end. There is only change!”

Ready to live life and explore the magic of your potentials?

Here's How I Can Help You:


Whether it’s 1:1, or exploring Master’s Life program, or getting involved in group sessions, or mentoring. Be ready to explore into all new possibilities!


Listen to our videos on our podcast to help you remember the parallels in your personal journey and to tap into your innate abilities that you simply had chosen to forget!

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Share your stories in a private and safe space! When you share your creations you remove doubts and fears and recall more of  your innate abilities to flourish and solidify!

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