Meet Mozhgan

Here Is My Story

At a young age I had the ability to communicate telepathically with beings in the unseen world. I could perceive events prior to them happening through my innate knowing  and telepathic communication with off world beings.  In addition, I had the ability to communicate with spirits prior and post their transitional period from leaving their physical vehicle. I was able to astral travel to assist souls while in coma.

I was proficient in seeing the energetic programming within all life forms, but like everyone, I too, went through a forgetting process where I immersed myself within the game called, life. But they all returned shortly after direct communication with my collective in, 2012.

While still absorbed in my corporate position, I was visited by two different individuals asking me to re-exam my position in life and to actively begin to remember who I truly am and to discover my position in this world. I took the messages very lightly, but soon after, my entire life changed.

I left behind my role as a finance manager and soon after experienced a major shift in my life. During my awakening, I re-established my connections with the very beings I use to communicate with during my childhood. They were my collective and have always been with me since birth. I soon connected with light beings which propelling me to dive deeper to who I am.

Their assistance was immeasurable. The every day human life soon became mundane. My direct connection allowed me to tap into my full potential anchoring in more of my lite in my physical vessel, which re-activated and heightened my telepathic, intuitive and healing abilities.

I recalled memories of unique abilities and experiences I had dismissed and had suppressed.

During my process of learning to navigate the new abilities and energies in my physical body, I began having conscious telepathic communication with other multidimensional beings, who catapulted my remembering and knowing my true purpose for incarnating on earth.

My continuous connection with my collective was instrumental in assisting with my ability to read various frequencies, interpret transmissions, and access the zero point of Source frequency and travel. Through this process I experienced that I am a multidimensional, multifaceted, photonic being of light incarnated in human vessel in process of assisting humanity into the new era. 


So, I decided to return to school to  became a certified transformational life coach and a hypnotherapist to accelerate the process of bridging the gap between the spirit world and humanity. I am excited and passionate about empowering people to gain their sovereignty, to remember and connect to their Universal Source creator aspect, and their connection to the ALL.  

Through KTS platform, I  continue to  support individuals & the collective consciousness with their realization process by providing one on one sessions, and my signature program, Master’s Life.

I also plan to re-create all new KTS private group chat and cr a new Master’s life Podcast to support conscious individuals that are ready to go beyond their beliefs to complete their final life on earth and into their realization. 

I feel evolution is a matter of personal effort and prioritization where one can further their own consciousness into infinite the field of potential.

My current assignment, one of many, while on the earth plane is to share on who our future children are for the new era through The Lotus Project, which will flourish into the Living Library.  I have known about this project from a very young age and have continued to connect to the children through the Source Field.

I am the founder of THE GAME, through Know Thy Source, a forum expanding individual & collective consciousness. The forum supports and navigates people to remember the masters that they truly are.

I am also the founder of the FULL CIRCLE, through Know Thy Source, where I facilitated a growing conscious team to bring forth and anchor the new codes to our new world to function as one with the universal grid and beyond.

 Words do not capture the pure, profound joy I feel with the experience of our unity.

I enjoy listening to music, boogie boarding, dancing, hiking, sun gazing, and nature walks with my angel Pomeranian, Lilou. I have been the featured guest on numerous radio shows, as well as the featured speaker at conferences.

Thank you for being here and reading my little bio.