Meet Mojie

Here Is My Story

At a young age I would communicate telepathically with beings in the unseen world. I could perceive events prior to them happening through my own innate knowing and confirm with the beings I spoke to on regular bases.  

In addition, I’d possessed the ability to communicate with souls as they went through detaching and leaving their human vessel prior and post transitioning. I had an innate knowing how to astral travel to assist souls while in coma.

In my teens I became proficient in seeing the codes in all aspects of our reality. The programming within all life forms. In my early twenties all communications stopped. So like everyone I too went through a forgetting process and immersed myself within the game called, life.

Yet, I always knew they are watching. I could sense their presence around me at all time. My well being has been their main focus.

So, I sometimes would push the boundaries with certain activities, watch them always intervene to make sure I was safe. Friends use to get frustrated, but soon they too would feel their presences and build the courage to explore. 

in early 2012. while deeply absorbed in my corporate position, I was visited by two different individuals both asking me to re-exam my position in life and to actively begin to remember who I truly am and to discover my position in this world. I took the messages very lightly, but soon after, my entire life changed.

I left behind my role as a finance manager and soon after experienced a major shift in my life. During my process, I re-established my connections with the very beings I use to communicate during my childhood years. I recalled memories of unique abilities and experiences I had dismissed and suppressed while playing in the human game.

They were instrumental in navigating me to break through the veils and to re-ignite my connection to my Source self while still in this human body.  Through this incredible process, my innate Source abilities where anchored in my physical vehicle.  Activating my full telepathic communication, intuitive and healing abilities once again. Remembering how to Interpret and read various codes, frequencies, transmissions, and accessing the zero point of Source frequency and travel at will.

Their patience and assistance was immeasurable. With their assistance I received the light codes for the original human body template prior to its fragmentation. I went on to re-calibrate and activate my light body. Soon after I connected with light beings and took a deeper dive to who I am and why I am here on earth.

The human mind having to  step aside and yet witness the influx of wisdom pour through at the most perfect moment of need while communicating with various beings to obtain and pass on data, while completing planetary tasks. It has been and continues to be a mind blowing human experience. Exciting and quite challenging at times.

To keep my human mind busy, in mid 2013, I returned to school to become a certified transformational life coach and a hypnotherapist to help accelerate the process of bridging the gap between the spirit world and humanity.

Utterly Divine!

Humanity is at a cross road. Many are about to traverse into unfamaliar territories. The very reason why I have decided to re-open my services.

The mind doubts, yet you have a deep passion and an innate knowing this is your final life time on this planet. You are here for your realization,  you know…

If you desire my support send me an Email.

I also plan to create all new KTS private group community to support individuals that are ready for their realization.

The Divine and the Human in unity consciousness!

My current projects, one of many, while on the earth plane is to share on who our future children are for the new era through The Lotus Project, which will flourish into the Living Library.  I have known about this project from a very young age and have continued to connect to the children through the Source Field.

I am the founder of THE GAME, through Know Thy Source, a forum expanding individual & collective consciousness. The forum supports and navigates people to remember the masters that they truly are.

I am also the founder of the FULL CIRCLE, through Know Thy Source, where I facilitated a growing conscious team to bring forth and anchor the new codes to our new world to function as one with the universal grid and beyond.

 Words do not capture the pure, profound joy I feel with the experience of our unity and freedom.

I enjoy listening to music, boogie boarding, hiking, sun gazing, and nature walks. I have been the featured guest on numerous radio shows, as well as the featured speaker at conferences.

Thank you for being here and reading my little bio.