Know Thy Source Community

Tentative Launch Date 03/05/2023

Never been done in the history of humanity

Journeying The Human & The Divine in Unity Consciousness

We are the first to go through such journey. We are the pioneers and we get to navigate every aspect of our experience and set paths for our future generation

It is truly exciting and yet it will have its challenges

Coming together to share our experiences with others will provide the support needed to traverse through this unique journey with ease and grace

No one is to do this alone!

KTS Community

If you are interested and have a sincere desire to gather with like minded people and would like Mojie to host the gatherings please let us know.

We will create a secure platform to gather once a month or biweekly to support you on your journey. You decide and let us know below how we can support you and we will create it for you. Please provide your name and email address below. To eliminate spammers make your selection either, monthly or biweekly gathering!

Interested In KTS members community?

Send us a message & let us know!

We never share your personal information with anyone!

  • We gather first Saturday of each month
  • Hours are from 10 am to 12 pm
  • We meet via Zoom. Link will be provided
  • Unable to attend, no problem. Sessions are recorded and placed on secure site for your review anytime
  • This is a private members access only
  • This is not open to the public
  • Must have user name and password to login to KTS members group
  • Only members will have access to the recordings and discussions

Monthly | $35 | Per Month

Quarterly | $83 | Every 3 Months

Annually | $320 | Per Year